A wrongfully accused man must rely on a public defender to prove his innocence

    The year is 1961 - Jackie and Terry Bumbry, a mixed race couple, have a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky while driving near Mount Shasta.

    Fante Mingo is a famous novelist who finds the cure for his writers block.

    Rose, a ten year-old girl, must follow the 'safe plan' to get to her grandma's home across town - a grandmother she has never met.

    A musical about a young father struggling but determined to realize his dream to become a rap star while raising his son

    A heroin addict is living fix to fix, and on the fringe of society whose encounter with a mysterious stranger allows her a chance at redemption

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    Enjoy These Award-Winning Short Films From The 2018 AND 2019 JARO / PVIFF Shorts Competition


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