Award-Winning Middle School Math Teacher and Husband Combine Hip Hop And Math In New Curriculum


Keziah and James Finney, an award-winning middle school teacher duo, have created Lyrical Math, an innovative curriculum that infuses hip-hop culture with mathematics. This research-backed intervention program, based in Wilmington, Delaware, is designed to improve confidence and mastery for students.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Finney, a certified Mathematics and Science Teacher, observed how quickly students absorbed and recited hip-hop lyrics during the school day. Recognizing this as an opportunity to elevate classroom engagement and comprehension, she began crafting math-themed hip-hop lyrics for her lessons. The response was immediate and enthusiastic; students were energized by the lyrical approach, leading to increased enthusiasm for learning and improved comprehension.

Supported by her husband James, Mrs. Finney has developed Lyrical Math into a comprehensive program featuring engaging videos, original music, a scripted teacher guidebook, and a unique student workbook. These resources empower educators, regardless of certification status, to effectively teach math.

The impact of Lyrical Math extends beyond the Finneys’ classroom, with educators across the state embracing the program. Recently approved for use at Charter School of New Castle (CSNC), teachers like Ms. Brittani Christian are already implementing it with great success.

 Following just one professional development session, Ms. Christian is pioneering a new era of excitement in her 3rd-grade classroom with Lyrical Math. 

In the video below, discover how Lyrical Math is used in the classroom setting.

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