Drake Initiates A ‘God’s Plan’ Challenge To Inspire Others To Pay It Forward

With the ‘God’s Plan’ Challenge, Drake is using his influential platform to encourage compassion and kindness in others.

Drake’s generosity has been shining lately, and now the hip-hop artist wants to encourage others to pay it forward as well, in efforts to spread much-needed compassion, love, and kindness throughout the world.

In his recent ‘God’s Plan’ video, Drake humbly donated nearly $1 million to Miami’s community. Gifts such as a full-ride college scholarship, paying for all shoppers’ groceries, a toy drive, and hefty donations to organizations in need were all demonstrated in the heartwarming video. Of course, the majority of us don’t have $1 million to donate, but the ‘God’s Plan’ challenge isn’t about money. Instead, it’s simply about bringing joy to others, and realizing that even the smallest good deed can have a lasting impact.


Drake took to Instagram to provide the guidelines for the challenge, stating “I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone, anything, the smallest thing just to bring another human being some joy.” The Grammy-Award winner goes on to say, “Just be kind in any way you can and let’s all watch the world be nice to each other, even if it’s just for 24 hours.”

There’s no hidden message or ulterior motive here–Drake says that the challenge isn’t a marketing ploy, and that participants of the challenge “don’t have to play the song in the background or have some hashtag. This isn’t about streams and all the other tactics being used.” The ultimate goal is to spread kindness, as the world is in great need of it. It’s that simple.

Kudos to Drake for using his platform to promote positivity and compassion! In the comments below, let us know how you plan on paying it forward.

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