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How Veronica N. Chapman Is Preserving The Diversity Of Children’s Literature Through The Annual Black Children’s Book Week


Throughout the country, the recent surge in bans targeting Black children’s books has raised significant concerns, but these bans cannot extinguish the resilience of communities. The approaching third annual Black Children’s Book Week, set to kick off on February 25th, represents a global movement uniting participants from Canada, Ghana, Austria, and across the United States.

Established in 2022 under the visionary leadership of social entrepreneur and author Veronica N. Chapman, Black Children’s Book Week (BCBW) serves as a worldwide homage to Black children, highlighting the critical role of diversity and representation in children’s literature.

At the forefront of this cause, Chapman endeavors to uplift the spirits of Black children while emphasizing the importance of positive depictions.

“Publishing children’s books with Black protagonists is a form of activism because it ensures that Black children see themselves represented so they can develop both a love for reading and for themselves,” said Chapman in an interview with BlackNews. “Representation matters because it is a protective force, as research shows that positive representation increases Black children’s self-esteem, and helps protect them from the impact of racism.”

When questioned about the significance of marking Black Children’s Book Week, Chapman underscores its capacity to foster joy and positivity amidst adversity. “Black Children’s Book Week is scheduled joy. It’s a proactive and joyful solution in a time when we often find ourselves responding to racist policies and traumatic events. These inhumanities can keep us sad and anxious, and make us feel powerless.”

The celebration will take place from February 25th to March 2nd. Learn more about how to participate by visiting

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