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‘Insecure’ Provides An Honest Portrait On The Reality Of Growing Apart From Friends

Warning: The following article contains season four spoilers from HBO’s “Insecure.”


In Sunday’s episode of Insecure, tensions between Issa and Molly escalate to new territory. An argument unfolds that is messy, fueled with personal attacks, and belittling. While we’ve seen a modest amount of Issa and Molly arguments throughout the seasons, this particular dispute holds a far more serious type of energy. 

Is there potential for Issa and Molly to reconcile? Certainly. I’ve always loved their dynamic, but there has been a developing detachment between the two, which suggests that perhaps the best friends have reached that often inevitable point where they find themselves growing in new and different directions. Outgrowing friendships is rather common in young adulthood due to a multitude of reasons, and Insecure is painting a sincere portrait of this painful yet necessary experience. And while viewers would love to watch Molly and Issa rekindle their friendship and begin anew like old times, there is more depth and realism in allowing the friendship to naturally run its course.

Insecure is a show that isn’t afraid to examine and explore these matters, despite the protests from fans who crave happily ever afters. For instance, Issa and Lawrence growing separately has, with time, proven to be the most favorable for their personal journeys. Perhaps the former lovers will reignite their relationship in the near future, but there was certainly a need for them to connect with themselves outside of each other first. Could the same be said about Molly and Issa? While their friendship was never co-dependent, there seems to be a need for space as Molly navigates her first relationship that she has not self-sabotaged, and as Issa does a bit of soul searching regarding her future hopes and dreams. Of course, there is concern that Insecure couldn’t possibly be the same without Molly and Issa’s bond, but the show is filled with delightful surprises. 

If you have ever outgrown a friendship, how did you handle it? Is there hope for Molly and Issa, or do you believe the friendship has reached an undeniable turning point? Let us know your perspective in the comments.

Below, watch the sneak peek of episode 6. 


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