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WATCH: Jaro Media Unveils First Teaser For Alonge Hawes’s Original Series ‘Silver & Gold’

Starring Quentin Williams and Brittaney Traylor

Following the unveiling of the official poster art and synopsis for Silver & Gold, Jaro Media has now shared the first visual presentation in the form of a teaser for the upcoming Alonge Hawes created series.

Lensed by series cinematographer Joshua Dennard, the 40 second clip, titled “After The Dance”, introduces the leading characters of Charles Goldar (Quentin Williams) and Bahiya Payne (Brittaney Traylor) as they enjoy drinks at a swanky nightclub. Unbeknownst to two unlucky patrons, Charles and Bahiya’s tab is paid for on their dimes. The couple then can be seen sensually dancing the night away. Check out the teaser below!

While little in the means of plot or story arc are revealed, what can be discerned is the intense romantic chemistry shared between the two characters, as well as their affinity for pickpocketing!

Silver & Gold will premiere this Fall on Jaro Media. It is directed, written, and executive produced by Hawes through his company A Million Stories One Pen Productions. Jamal McClendon, Cordarol Sanders, Shani Hawes, Joshua Dennard, Quentin Williams, and Rodderick Fedd serve as producers.

Jaro Media provides on-demand streaming access to a world of African American and Afrocentric digital media including video, visual arts, books, and music. Jaro’s unique platform integrates social media, customer control, and media access into an innovative user experience.

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