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Kenya Barris On The Innovation Behind Kid Cudi’s Joint Album And Netflix Series

Barris shared his thoughts with Complex about working with Kid Cudi on his ambitious new project, "Entergalactic."


This past summer, Kid Cudi announced that his newest project, Entergalactic, will be released in 2020. The cutting-edge album will also be accompanied by an animated Netflix series, with each song having its own half-hour long narrative. 

Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is the executive producer for the upcoming series, and he recently shared his thoughts and praise for Cudi’s innovative project with Complex.

“It’s the craziest thing in terms of TV,” he said. “It’s the most ambitious thing. It also shows who he is as an artist . . . but we started just talking about him and I’ve just been a huge Cudi fan forever.” Barris also emphasized the fact that joint album and series has never been attempted before. “The idea of there’s never been an album and a series dropped at the same time, so each song will have a 30-minute narrative . . . a youthful love story told through Cudi’s music.”

Barris affirmed that Entergalactic is absolutely amazing, overflowing with “bangers”––and we couldn’t expect anything less from a musical genius. The series will allow fans to dive into the full backstory of each track, which is sure to be an otherworldly experience, especially with the animated style. Knowing Cudi, I can’t help but picture vibrant, colorful worlds and galaxies, resembling that of a phenomenal psychedelic experience. Below, share your thoughts on the Entergalactic project and perhaps what you’re envisioning.

To listen to Complex’s full podcast episode featuring Kenya Barris, click here.

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