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LISTEN: Jeremiah Òlayinka Òjó Discusses Artistic Expression Throughout The African Diaspora

In a recent podcast with Jaro, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremiah Òlayinka Òjó, the founder of Creative Milieu Consulting Group – a global arts and cultural management firm that facilitates the cultivation and preservation of artistic and cultural production throughout the African Diaspora.

Òjó shares his journey with us from taking his first leap of faith into the art world and entrepreneurship. Today, he uses his own lessons and knowledge as arts and culture management consultant to empower other artists, galleries, art institutions, corporations, and collectors.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised by Nigerian parents in Atlanta, Jeremiah Òlayinka Òjó understands what it is like to be a part of two different worlds. Growing up in an artistic family, he developed his love for art and art history by being surrounded by relatives that pursued their own creative passions. Moreover, as a first-generation American, his yearning for connection and expression continues to drive his interest.

Although he initially began working as a self-employed photographer, Òjó transitioned to arts management about a decade ago. By volunteering and working at art galleries and museums, he started to learn more about art administration and the business aspect behind it all. Eventually, these necessary experiences and opportunities at galleries led to him beginning his own consulting group.  

Creative Milieu, which stems from the sociological and French term for “creative social environment,” was founded three years ago with the idea of developing an environment exclusively for artists and creative professionals of African descent.  In a nutshell, the firm deals with connecting art, culture, policy, and community to creatives in Africa and its Diaspora. “Creative Milieu is the amalgamation of all of my experiences and the things that I enjoy,” Òjó explained.

As someone who has worked with creatives across the globe, Òjó provided helpful advice to young artists and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their artwork to the next level. “You’ve got to know yourself and be abundantly clear about who you are,” he said. “When it comes to you, your creation and idea is both eternal and universal … It’s amazing how when you’re abundantly clear about who you are, the right people come to you because they’re seeking what you’re seeking. Stay true to your art and perfect the craftsmanship and the quality to which you create and express your ideas.”

Keep up to date with Jeremiah by following him on Instagram and by visiting his website. Listen to the full podcast on Jaro.

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