Meet The Howard Graduates Behind “The Moor,” A Boutique Hotel That Celebrates Black Culture

Through their innovative hotel spaces, visionaries Damon Lawrence and Marcus Carey are preserving African American culture.


Damon Lawrence and Marcus Carey, courtesy of @hauspitality

While attending Howard University, Damon Lawrence and Marcus Carey had a vision to transform the hospitality industry by constructing innovative hotel spaces that cater to African American culture. Four years ago, the two entrepreneurs manifested their dream into reality with the launch of their pioneering company, Homage Hospitality Group.

“After transferring from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to Howard University at the end of my sophomore year, I was amazed at the diversity within the diaspora,” said Lawrence in an interview with Howard Newsroom.

“I didn’t realize the need to celebrate, not only what brings us all together, but even what separates us culturally as well. In fact, each Homage property will pay reverence to the locale in which it’s situated. No detail will go unnoticed in providing guests with an experience that highlights the best of our culture from city to city.”

Today, they’ve officially opened their first hotel called “The Moor,” located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through its architecture, statement art, and antiques, “The Moor” pays homage to the melting pot of New Orleans and the Moorish people. With its exquisite design and beautiful atmosphere, visitors are sure to have an exceptional time.


“The Moor,” courtesy of @stayhomage
“The Moor,” courtesy of @stayhomage


To create a unique and memorable experience for guests, Lawrence and Carey refer to their hotel spaces as the “innovator’s inspiration,” meaning that they want their properties to influence creatives to do exceptional work.

“That means equipping the rooms with tools they love to use,” Lawrence told Rolling Stone. “That means interviewing the Black creative nomads and understanding what they need in a creative workspace and using that as our design. It goes down to the music, the scent, how accessible is music in your room, where does it play, how does it play, do you need a photo backdrop in your room.”

"The Moor," courtesy of @stayhomage

“The Moor,” courtesy of @stayhomage


The visionary team has plans to open more hotel boutiques in cities such as D.C., Detroit, and Brooklyn in order to preserve African American culture in times of gentrification. “The marketplaces are forcing people out of their neighborhoods, and we want to be a time capsule that encapsulates culture in that area and really preserves us and pays homage to it,” said Lawrence.

To learn more about “The Moor” and additional properties, please visit

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