‘Money Talks’: Book by 24 Black Authors Reshapes Financial Literacy for Families and Small Businesses


Dr. Constance Craig-Mason compiled an inventive literary project that is reshaping the financial landscape for BIPOC families and small business owners nationwide. The groundbreaking book, “Money TALK$: Uncut Convos with Financial Experts on How to Grow, Leverage and Protect Your Assets,” is authored by 24 accomplished Black financial thought-leaders, presenting a mosaic of financial education through diverse perspectives.

This collaborative effort embodies the resilience and diversity within the Black community amidst economic challenges, aspiring to spark financial wisdom, empowerment, and enduring change within historically underserved areas.

Endorsed by globally renowned motivational speaker Dr. Les Brown, the book’s foreword emphasizes the critical shift required in our understanding of money, assets, and wealth for genuine financial success. Dr. Brown praises Dr. Constance Craig-Mason and the co-authors for their transformative insights, recommending this book as essential for personal growth.

In the book, co-author Rahkim Sabree delves into the intricate roots of financial trauma in Black American experiences intertwined with systemic racism’s historical context. He addresses generational trauma shaping relationships between Black people, communities, and financial systems, which has created a deep-seated mistrust. 

Money TALK$” covers critical topics, including behavioral finance, budgeting strategies, credit leveraging, investing fundamentals, wealth building, and entrepreneurship—a comprehensive guide aiming to simplify complex financial concepts into actionable insights.

As the third volume in the “Money TALK$” series, this book continues the legacy of educating readers. It emerges as a catalyst for change, urging families and small business owners to seize control of their financial futures.

One of the primary goals of the book is to help readers in establishing a $1,000 emergency savings fund, a milestone that often isn’t achieved in many households. A 2023 Bankrate statistic reveals that a staggering 57% of adult Americans lack preparation for financial emergencies, leaving them vulnerable to unforeseen crises. “Money TALK$ Vol III” provides pragmatic, step-by-step guidance, helping individuals and families to reach this pivotal financial goal.

In collaboration with Advantage Publishing, Dr. Craig-Mason introduced the “Money TALK$ Emergency Savings Challenge & Tool Kit.” This initiative includes the hardcover book of Money TALK$ Vol III and a personalized Paycheck Power BOOSTER® Calculator, designed to assist in “Finding the Money You Need” to save your initial $1,000.

The book is available now on Amazon. Visit for more information.

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