Prince Cree McEntyre’s Non-Fiction Book Explores “The Projects” Mentality


Thomas Prince Cree McEntyre’s newly released non-fiction book, “Once Upon a Time in the Projects: The Lost and Found,” explores the concealed truths of low-income housing “Projects.”

In the United States, there are over one million low-income housing projects, with New York City leading the pack with more than 180,000 units. McEntyre’s book provides a necessary glimpse into the true essence of “The Projects,” which isn’t only a physical space, but a mindset––a controlled environment that often offers little hope for survival. Through stories of trauma, struggle, pain, and ultimately purpose, the author sheds light on this complex reality. 

“It is not only going to talk about how tall the buildings are, or about the broken elevators, the junkie in the alley with the baseball bat, the sex, the drugs, the fun, the cars. It’s going to address untreated PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, depression, and even suicidal ideation. It is not about the bricks, it’s about the project mentality,” reads the synopsis. 

The book also delves into the lives of celebrities who emerged from these challenging environments, including Jay-Z, Nas, Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Estrada, Marc Anthony, Wesley Snipes, Mike Tyson, Super Producer Teddy Riley, and NYC DJ Red Alert, among others.

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Thomas Prince Cree McEntyre is a songwriter, actor, singer, mental health advocate, and author. His projects include the play My Life Matters and the musical EP “Project One Race United: Protest Music Documentary.” 
Follow his future endeavors on Instagram, @thecreative_prince.

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