Psychologist Dr. Ebony Releases Groundbreaking Therapy Card Deck For Black Men


In 2020, psychologist Dr. Ebony began her innovative My Therapy Cards business, which was initially created with Black women in mind. After receiving continuous requests for a deck that centered on Black men as well, Dr. Ebony has officially launched the Men’s Edition of the cards this summer. 

Along with the latest edition, there is also a deck that caters to teenagers, and the original 45-card deck that is described as a guide for “self-discovery and insight.” Dr. Ebony’s mission with each deck is to reduce the stigma surrounding therapy and normalize conversations about mental health and wellness within communities of color. 

This cutting-edge new edition allows Black men to work through and face their emotions in healthier and more productive ways. It also provides a guide that centers on methods of self-care and activities for self-expression. As it is with the other decks within the collection, the Men’s Edition was formulated in a way that ensures it will actually resonate with its target audience. 

“This is the very first self-help card deck and therapy tool specifically for Black men, and we are excited to center the mental health and well-being of Black men in a way that gives them full permission to learn more about themselves right where they are!” said Dr. Ebony. “We care about representation, accessibility, and breaking stigmas associated with seeking help.” 

The 45 cards within the Men’s Edition include 15 prompts and tasks per category, constructed to focus on mental blocks, habit blocks, and ineffective coping skills. There’s an emotional wheel that helps to navigate the language around emotional intelligence and emotional experiences, a self-care menu card that details various ways to nurture the self, and a resource card for additional guidance and support. 

Each deck can be purchased for $49.97. To learn more, please visit

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