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Review: The ‘Power’ Season 6 Premiere



The premiere of the final season of Power, aptly titled “Betrayal” popped off this week answering the question fans have been fretting over for the last year and some change – “Is Angela dead?” Despite seeing her corpse on the hospital bed and again zipped up in a bag at the morgue, I am still not convinced that the loyal lover of James “Ghost” St. Patrick is gone forever.  While I am not likening Angela to Tupac, I cannot shake several different pieces of information that suggest otherwise. Firstly, immediately following last year’s season finale, creator Courtney Kemp took to social media to reassure fans that ride-or-die good girl gone bad was not in fact dead. Secondly, as my sister pointed out, the preview for Season 6 featured clips of Angie walking and talking, not stiff in a freezer.  Thirdly, homegirl works for the government; it is likely that her death was a way for her to escape and perhaps go into witness protection. And lastly, during the post-premiere talk with the people of Power Courtney admitted that her intention was to have us think Angela was dead and then have her pop up at the end of the season, a decision she was talked out of.  Admittedly, in the post-premiere talk Lela Loren, the actress who plays the government attorney spoke of her character, Angie, as if she was in fact dead. Call it denial, delirium, or desperation, I am still not convinced.  However, my preoccupation with the impending resurrection of the slain Angie flails in comparison to the insurmountable grief and regret filled tension it has spawned between brothers Ghost and Tommy.  


Tommy has committed some horrible acts in the name of loyalty to his oldest and closest friend.  He strangled the love of his life while pregnant with their child in order to prevent her from snitching on Ghost.  Tommy was even tricked by his so-called brother into killing his own father, who he had just met and begun to bond with, for the same reason as he did his girlfriend.  It seems, that unlike Ghost, Tommy has paid the ultimate price for his unflinching loyalty. While Ghost is no stranger to heartache, having buried his innocent teenage daughter, his pain seems to come at his own hands, and at times his selfish devotion to his own causes.  Now the bond between the two has been broken and each is savagely seeking the death of one another in an attempt to heal their own wounds. While this fatal feud is at the center of this season I am curious as to how the storylines of some of our other favorite characters will unfold and interact with the fate of the now-estranged brothers.  Here are some of my questions, observations, and predictions for the series finale.


I was underwhelmed by Ghost’s reaction to Angie’s death.  While she has allegedly been dead for no more than an estimated 36 hours, I was certain that Ghost would have had more of a breakdown.  When she pushes Ghost out the way to take a bullet for him, he turns to see his best friend at the other end of the gun and lets out what my friend calls an odd Simba-like roar.  But beyond that he walks around head hanging a bit lower, embodying the guilt he feels that some of her blood is on her hands. Angie’s sister, Paz reminds him that he is the one to blame and she is right; until reuniting with the drug dealer she had a nice life and a great career that she destroyed for him.  On the other hand, it seems that he is somewhat elated that her final act, where she sacrifices herself for him, answers a lingering internal question of whether or not she was truly loyal. I bet he never thought a definitive answer would come at the cost of her life. It’s only a matter of time before really feels the weight of her demise, of his loss; It might break him.  


How will Dre’s slimy, yet admirable self, spin his signed testimony to benefit him?  Dre aka Baby Ghost has agreed, under calculated duress, to testify (aka lie) that Tommy and Ghost had nothing to do with the murder of Felipe Lobos.  Initially, he wanted to use the opportunity to take down the duo, something that seems impossible after signing a statement at the end of the last season.  However, Dre is clever, and pretty soon, like his mentor, he will find a way to enact his own motives. 


Who the hell is Councilman Tate knocking out in his office?  We always knew this dude (played by the Benjamin Button-ish Larenz Tate) was shady af and have been anxiously awaiting for more of his dark side to reveal itself.  In the preview for the season, there is a quick clip of him throwing blows in his office. Who is he checking and why? 


Tariq (also know as Tyriq, cause you know – black people, lol) is gonna step to Ghost.  This is predicted by one of my friends.  I am not sure. On one hand, he helps to frame his friend, Kanan, who he liked way more than his father.  On the other hand, Ghost is still his dad. But is blood enough? At the very least, as seen in the previews for the next episode, he is about to evolve into Ghost, Jr. and start his own branch of the family business.    


Tasha is plotting how she can divorce Ghost and get half, maybe more.  In earlier seasons we learn that despite his infidelity, Tasha does not seek a legal divorce from Ghost because she signed a prenup that states if she does she gets nothing.  A little “insurance” from Ghost for Ghost, I’m sure. But seeing how Ghost has more important things to focus on, like killing his former best friend for murdering his lover, Tasha might be able to use his preoccupation to her advantage.  Shoot, it seems like she might have a lot to gain from his death. Perhaps she might join Team Tommy. 


Terry Silver ain’t dead.  This needs no explanation or rather I don’t have one.  I just feel it in my spirit. Ol’ boy is gonna pop up at just the “right” time aka the most inopportune time for somebody else, lol. 


Nothing is certain in the Power Universe except murder, sex, and drama.  But rest assured, as predicted by a good friend, it will all work out in the end; Angie and a wheelchair-ridden Ghost will roll off into the sunset shores of Colombia where they will live their lives in peace. 




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