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SDG Quantum Productions Announces Animated Project ‘The Uptown Chronicles’ As Film & Series Franchise  


Following the announcement that Alonge Hawes had been tapped to join the production of a somewhat mysterious animated project spearheaded by Steven Goard titled ‘The Uptown Chronicles’, news has now come forth confirming the nature of the project. ‘The Uptown Chronicles’ is simultaneously being developed as both a film and series, with the film aiming for completion and release in 2025 and the series shortly to follow. 

Alonge Hawes will serve as the writer for both the film and series. Hawes, who has gained acclaim as the creator, writer and director of the digital series Black On Both Sides and Silver & Gold, will be making his feature directorial debut, co-directing with Steven Goard. Goard, in addition to co-directing alongside Hawes, will also provide the voice of one of the main characters, described as “A genius inventor and entrepreneur whose passion for all things technological Is only surpassed by his deep love and devotion to his family.”

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but the franchise is being described as a science-fiction/fantasy epic, following an African American family as they grapple with the meanings of lineage, heritage, and destiny against the backdrop of Chicago in the year 2100. The project looks to infuse the irreverent humor of The Boondocks, the family dynamic of the Cosby Show, and the afro-futurism of Black Panther into an original, entertaining, and topical offering that families the world over will enjoy. 

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No casting announcements outside of Goard have been announced at this time, however a new poster has been revealed and can be seen below.  According to the poster art, ‘The Uptown Chronicles’ will include character and storyboarding design by Patrick King, whilst Jason Louder will serve as producer for both the film and series. 

‘The Uptown Chronicles’ is created by Steven Goard, who is producing through SDG Quantum Productions. He is repped by CESD Talent Agency. Alonge Hawes serves as writer, co-director, and executive producer through A Million Stories One Pen Productions. For the series both Goard and Hawes will serve as Showrunners. Jason C. Louder serves as producer. He is repped by People Store. 

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