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‘Silver & Gold’ Premiere: A Charming Introduction That Leaves Room For Growing Anticipation

This review contains minor spoilers from episode one of "Silver & Gold."

Charles Goldar (Quentin Williams) and Bahiya Payne (Brittaney Traylor)

In the premiere episode of Alonge Hawes’s digital series Silver & Gold on JARO TV, viewers are introduced to the appealing premise behind the show. Charles Goldar (Quentin Williams) and Bahiya Payne (Brittaney Traylor) are two lovers and partners-in-crime who have become zealous thieves of all that glitters with value. Although not every robbery has gone according to plan, Goldar and Payne have persisted in their pursuit of unwarranted fortune––so they’re teaming up with the whimsical computer genius Cierra Valentine (Shani Hawes) and the impassive con man Sosa Gerena (Roberto Cruz Jr.) in attempt to pull off far more involved and daring heists as a ruthless team of four. 

Titled “The Birth of the Cool,“ Silver & Gold’s debut episode is both smooth and alluring in its presentation, and the chemistry between Goldar and Payne is palpable. Payne, who effortlessly utilizes her style, charm, and confidence to secure the treasure of her choice, appears to be a natural bandit. And although her partner Goldar has had a few mishaps, we watch how he was able to bamboozle a foolish man out of a $30,000 deposit by somehow making him believe, without any proof, that his luxury model car collection actually represented authentic cars. I found this segment to be the most hilarious portion of the episode because of how blatant the scam was, but it speaks on Goldar’s impressive ability to influence––though he may only be able to sway the naive with such a method, and he’ll certainly have to step his game up in order to prepare for the heists to come. 

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Cierra Valentine (Shani Hawes), Sosa Gerena (Roberto Cruz Jr.), and Charles Godar (Quentin Williams)

We also become acquainted with Cierra Valentine, a computer whiz whose affable and pleasant temperament brings a sense of balance and lightheartedness to the group––a stark contrast to Sosa Gerena, whose demeanor is so gravely detached that I speculated if he was, in fact, a robot! However, Gerena’s unyielding stoicism is perhaps exactly what is necessary for certain roles within the upcoming heists, and I look forward to watching the four unique personalities mischievously collaborate. After all, with such a quality team, what could possibly go wrong?

The first three episodes of Silver & Gold are now available to stream exclusively on JARO TV. New episodes will premiere on Tuesdays, and the season finale is out November 1st. Below, watch the teaser for the digital series. 

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