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 ‘Silver & Gold’ Set to Return December 4th On JARO

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Brittaney Traylor and Quentin Williams star as Bahiya Payne and Charles Goldar

A year after its debut, Silver & Gold is finally returning with new episodes. The critically acclaimed, award-winning series is set to make its return Monday, December 4th with a special 60-minute episode on Jaro Media. The episode, the 7th in the series first season, is titled “The Valley Of Sorek” and will explore the perilous and tragic backstory of Sosa Gerena, one of the show’s most guarded and enigmatic figures. The official episode synopsis is provided below. 

“As Charles and Bahiya wrestle with how to deal with the mysticism surrounding the fragments, they can’t forget other more pressing responsibilities; namely paying the exorbitant bounty Bahiya promised to Cierra and Sosa. As tempers rise and loyalty is tested, Sosa is confronted with the demons of a life long ago abandoned. And when the gunfire settles and the smoke is cleared, Sosa will be faced with the reality that blood isn’t always thicker than water.” 

Silver & Gold was created by Alonge Hawes, who also directs, writes, and serves as showrunner. The series stars Quentin Williams and Brittaney Traylor as Charles Goldar and Bahiya Payne, two of the smoothest, sexiest, and slickest thieves in the Atlanta underground. When, in the quest for bigger scores and greater riches, they decide to team up with an eccentric computer genius and a stoic conman, it all seems like a match made in bandit’s heaven. But when the sins of the past begin to ransack the riches of the present, this ragtag team of criminals will have no choice but to rely on something money can’t buy: Trust. 

Silver & Gold also stars Roberto Cruz as conman Sosa Gerena and Shani Hawes as computer hacker Cierra Valentine. The Valley Of Sorek also guest stars Andre Eaton Jr, Karris Morgan, Ray Lester, Herman Spearman, and Kourtney Paige.

The series is created, written, and directed by Alonge Hawes. Hawes also  executive produces through his A Million Stories One Pen Productions company.  

Richard DeVaughn, Shani Hawes, Jamal McClendon, Rodderick Fedd, Joshua Dennard, and Cordarol Sanders serve as producers. The first six episodes are available for streaming on Jaro TV through both the Jaro Media website and the Jaro TV Roku app. 

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