Jaro Picks: 5 Women Of Color In Comedy On The Come Up

Quinta Brunson, Ayanna Dookie, and Daphnique Springs

We are living in golden era of comedy.  Comedians are taking advantage of the numerous platforms from which they can deliver laughs.  What I find most refreshing about this is the large numbers of women of color who are emerging.  We all know that despite being just as funny, women, both past and present, are not afforded the same opportunities to showcase their talents and make a living from them.  So in the spirit of celebrating the comedians on the climb, I have compiled a short list of some of the funny women I am currently feeling.

Ayanna Dookie

I was first introduced to Ayanna Dookie from Laff Tracks.  Her New York energy can be heard in her sharp tongue and sweet and spicy tone.  Her delightful riffs where she breaks down weird only-in-New-York style stories give you even more of an appreciation for the daily conversations you have with yourself.  She also talks a lot about being biracial – African American and Indian, as well as managing lupus.

Cats With AIDS

Being A Godmother

Daphnique Springs

This Florida native has experienced quite a bit of the spotlight in the last few years.  Her most recent project includes opening for Martin Lawrence and touring with Katt Williams.  Springs’ brand of humor allows audience members to go along with the feigned bitterness as it compliments the realistic nature of her content and tone.  Her bits on dating and using porn as research make you laugh because they are relatable. She has also been known for her collaborations with Instagram comedic sensation Simone Shepherd, King Keraun, and D’Lai.   

I Hate Black Porn

Crazy Girls Be Like


This wife and mother of three left her doctoral program to pursue her comedy dreams.  With great timing, honest truths, and a baptist-esque delivery, Meshelle, uses her humor to vent about the irritable moments of parenting and the promote positive mental health. Her edgy playfulness with the audience is fun to watch.  I was also introduced to her via Laff Tracks, but she has made appearances all over including Nickelodeon’s Search For the Funnies Mom in America 3.

Revelations of a Sexy Mom

The Truth About Goaldiggers – Tedx Baltimore 2011

Sierra Katow

This recent Harvard Graduate discovered her comedic penchant while studying Computer Science.  However, she did manage to hone her talent as a leader of several on-campus comedy groups. She even performed on Last Comic Standing.  Her matter-of-fact style delivery combined with her skillful play of Asian stereotypes leaves you curious to see where she will be in the next several years.

Asian American Problems

Growing Up Fat

Quinta Brunson

Mostly known for her independent viral video as well as the content she develops as a development partner with Buzzfeed, the Philadelphia native’s stand-up is just as sharp.  Her slightly sarcastic tone combined with her absurd perspective on the everyday, such as insecurity and dating to the longer view, like interpersonal communication amongst slaves on the Underground Railroad, Brunson bites – in that pain and pleasure kind of way.

Being Short

Harriet Tubman


MJ VanDevere

MJ VanDevere is a doctoral candidate at a predominately white elite institution in the South who uses humor to combat racism, sexism, and all the other –isms that seek to diminish her greatness. She is a self-proclaimed “stand-up snob” who does not have a favorite comedian, so please don't ask unless you have several hours to spare. Some of her favorite movies include, Life, Dead Presidents, and Happy Feet. If, she could only do one thing for the rest of her life, it would definitely be laugh, and maybe write. Adulting is her greatest work in progress.

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