A Few of JARO’s Must-Read Books by Black Authors

If you want to support black culture, JARO is the perfect site for you! It offers various forms of black talent, ranging from film and art to books, magazines, and podcasts. Although there is much content to enjoy, this article will focus extensively on books by black authors. Here are just a few of JARO’s must-read books.

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Children’s Books

Children’s books are valuable in several ways: they teach children new vocabulary, help with communication skills, and offer support and advice during trying times. Angela Dalton’s “If You Look Up to the Sky” is a great example of finding much-needed support in challenging situations. 

In this story, a grandmother explains to her grandchild that the sky is a joining force for everyone, in good times and bad. She explains that looking up at the sky will comfort the child, ultimately eliminating fear and confusion. This concept can be touching to anyone, young or old, who feels afraid or uneasy.

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If you’re looking for fiction books by black authors, check out “The Josiah Effect: The Power of One” by D.L. Augustine. This inspiring story involves a boy, Josiah, his mother, and a child psychiatrist, Robin. It is truly a whirlwind of events that the characters go through before they realize what love truly is and that God’s timing is His own. You’ll certainly need a box of tissues nearby while reading this touching tear-jerker!



Mystery lovers will find Nnedi Okorafor’s “Who Fears Death” to be quite an appealing choice. The setting takes place in post-apocalyptic Africa, where two tribes are fighting. A survivor makes her way into the desert, where she gives birth to a daughter, Onyesonwu.

This child is the product of rape; she is a half-breed. Onye soon realizes that she has magic powers, and these powers reveal that someone is trying to kill her. Follow along with Onye on her journey to see if she can elude the person who is after her.

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As far as books by black authors go, biographies are some of the most interesting and insightful choices. A good biography will help you understand another person’s life: it reveals the good, bad, and ugly parts, which can be uplifting. In “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, she describes her life by reflecting on childhood memories, motherhood, and her opportunity to reshape the United States as the first lady. In her own words, she gives readers insight into public moments as well as private ones. Her raw honesty will make putting the book down nearly impossible.

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Everyone needs a little motivation once in a while. Mary Spio’s “It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success” is sure to motivate you to push through your fears to find success. Mary Spio is the perfect example of someone who overcame the odds, as she went from a child in Ghana who hardly had anything to a successful rocket scientist. This entertaining read will teach you how to rise above and make your own path in life.



Poetry pulls at the heartstrings. It can have various meanings, which can bring people comfort in troubling, stressful, or traumatic situations. “Beauty in My Bare Bones” by Alexis Lawson is a poetry collection that will touch the hearts of people who suffer from depression and heartbreak. It also discusses self-discovery as well as many other topics.

If you want to support talented black authors, check out their amazing content on JARO, as this site has a variety of books by black authors to choose from in nearly any genre. So the next time you want to sit down and relax with a good book, take a look at JARO’s book selection first!

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