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‘A World In Common’: New Book Explores the Visual and Cultural Tapestry of Contemporary African Photography

By Rotimi Fani-Kayode | “A World in Common”

Curated by Osei Bonsu, the International Art curator at Tate Modern, the recently released photography book “A World in Common” is a vibrant celebration of the rich visual and cultural landscape depicted through contemporary African photography. 

This compelling book stems from the Tate Modern’s exhibition of the same name, which ran through January 12th, 2024. It provides critical insights, featuring perspectives from some of Africa’s foremost artists and thinkers.

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Since the inception of photography in the 19th century, Africa has often been seen inaccurately through the Western lens, with narratives deeply entwined with postcolonialism. In defiance of prevailing images of exoticism and otherness, “A World in Common” demonstrates how photography empowers artists to re-envision African histories through a present-day perspective, reshaping our understanding of contemporary realities.

Featuring a wide array of diverse artists and thinkers, “A World in Common” delves into various themes such as cultural heritage, restitution, spirituality, urbanism, and climate change. 

The compilation shows how innovative contemporary photography challenges established perceptions of history, culture, and identity.

Purchase a copy of “A World in Common” via Amazon.

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