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‘In Service to Whom’: Solange Announces New Art Exhibition

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Solange has announced details about her upcoming immersive art exhibition titled “In Service to Whom.” This multifaceted showcase combines sound, design, visual art, and cultural archives in a captivating four-act performance, providing an exploration of Solange’s groundbreaking artistry across various mediums.

Guided by Solange, a 10-piece ensemble takes center stage, presenting orchestral compositions created between 2018 and 2023. The exhibition draws inspiration from diverse elements such as repetition, gospel vocal arrangements, minimalism, and the vibrant sounds of Black southern marching band music—a homage to Solange’s Houston roots. Notably, the performance unveils the world premiere of two original compositions: “Not Necessarily In Arms Reach,” a duo tuba piece for two tubas, and “If the Promise is Large,” a solo cello and double bass number.

According to the exhibition press release on Saint Heron, “in each act, everyday mundane gestures demonstrate the personal expansiveness of the artist’s sustained creative process, culminating in a rare view into the immersive world of grounding practices that continue to evolve Solange’s artistic fingerprint.”

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On Instagram, Solange explained how the idea for the exhibition was created. “As I contemplate the evolution and maturation of my artistry, “In Service To Whom” was developed around constructing new narratives surrounding my body, the posture of rest, protection from the gaze, and speaks to a reemergence into the world of everyday life following periods of personal incubation and self-revitalization,” she said.

“In Service to Whom” will be held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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