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Alonge Hawes To Premiere Two New Series At 6th Annual Minnesota Webfest

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Alonge Hawes will premiere two original series at the upcoming 6th Annual Minnesota WebFest. The critically acclaimed auteur has a fruitful relationship of collaboration with the prestigious festival.  

Silver & Gold

The first series, ‘Silver & Gold’, is described as “a blend of comedy, action, drama, and Afro-futurism set against the backdrop of Atlanta’s criminal underground”. The first season will consist of ten episodes with Hawes serving as director and writer for the entire project.

The series will be available on JARO Media in Fall of this year. Quentin Williams, Brittaney Traylor, Roberto Cruz Jr, and Shani Hawes make up the ensemble cast. Hawes and Rich DeVaughn are executive producers. Jamal McClendon, Cordarol Sanders, Quentin Williams, Shani Hawes, Joshua Dennard, and Rodderick Fedd serve as producers. 

Check out the official series poster and teaser trailer below. 

Good Black Man

The second series, ‘Good Black Man,’ is described as “the journey of a man who is attempting to put his life back together after a series of unfortunate events; whilst raising his daughter and attempting to avoid falling into the negative stereotypes commonly associated with black men in modern society.” Hawes will again serve as executive producer, writer and director of all episodes.

Joshua Dennard, Jamal McClendon, Shani Hawes, Rodderick Fedd and Cordarol Sanders serve as producers.

The official series poster and teaser follow: 

Minnesota WebFest

The history between Alonge Hawes and the Minnesota WebFest runs deep. He debuted the award-winning “Blue Collar Hustle” series at the festival. He subsequently has received 11 award nominations over the festival’s five-year history, winning 2, including “Best Representation for Communities of Color”.

Hawes was keynote speaker at the festival in 2019, where his sophomore series ‘Black On Both Sides’ made its world premiere.  

The Minnesota WebFest was founded by George Reese in 2017 as the first film festival dedicated to the web and digital series format. As a member of the Web Series World Cup, the festival has joined forces with two other industry film festivals–Catalyst Stories and the Duluth Superior Film Festival–to bring a week of networking, education, and entertainment extending from the web series to film and independent television.

The Minnesota WebFest takes place September 26-28th in Duluth, Minnesota.  

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