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Phoebe Robinson On Her New Series ‘Everything’s Trash’ And How She Hopes To Bring Light To Dark Times

Everything's Trash' Trailer: Phoebe Robinson Plays Herself in Freeform  Comedy (VIDEO)

Best known as the co-creator and co-star in the HBO series “2 Dope Queens” alongside Jessica Williams, comedy writer and entertainer Phoebe Robinson has reached new heights in her career journey with the launch of her first series “Everything’s Trash.” From launching her standup career in 2008 to having her first job as a staff writer on Portlandia where every cent went to paying off her student loans, the comedy writer and entertainer has come a long way.

“I was broke for almost 10 years pursuing comedy, and that’s just what it was. I carried a lot of shame for part of that time because of that. Now that I look back on it, it’s like, ‘Girl, you were trying to make your dreams come true. Why are you feeling bad about that?’” said Robinson in an interview with Huffpost


“Everything’s Trash” was named after Robinson’s 2018 essay collection titled “Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay.” In it, Robinson stars as Phoebe Hill, a 30-something upbeat, messy podcaster who’s learning how to balance career, life, and love in Brooklyn. The series also makes the importance of friendship a main theme of the show. Toccarra Cash stars as her best friend and producer Malika Jones, and Moses Storm plays Phoebe’s irreverent housemate Michael Baker. The trio finds themselves in all sorts of late-night adventures and schemes, and they are a “testament to the people who shape you,” said Robinson.

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She hopes that the 30-minute sitcom allows others to take a break from the negativity of our current world and remember to laugh and fill their lives with joy. “With this show, I want to be like, ‘Yes, life is hard. Life is tricky. There are things that we can’t control, but I still want us to feel good and laugh and enjoy our lives a little bit,’” said Robinson. “The COVID of it all has made us be more introspective, which I think is fantastic, but I don’t want us to lose the joy.”

“I really just want these 10 episodes to be this basket of joy that people get to dip in and experience and make them want to talk about some things they haven’t talked about before. I want people to feel good, and I want people to laugh a lot. That is the goal.”

“Everything’s Trash” is produced by Freeform, and is available to watch now on ABC or Hulu. Below, view the trailer.

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