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Remembering The “Queen Of Soul” Aretha Franklin

A tribute to Aretha Franklin by Jaro's CEO.

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A friend of mine sent me a text message after the passing of Aretha Franklin:
“I find it interesting that someone we have never met, one who had no economic impact in our lives can have such an emotional impact when they are gone.  Richard Pryor made us laugh but somehow the emotional grip on the nation seems far more grave with passing of Aretha Franklin.  Why is this?”
A thought provoking question, but one with a thousand different yet connected answers. I believe Raheem DeVaughn captures the essence of the Queen of Soul within his record, “Queen,” a celebration of Black womanhood. To paraphrase his lyrics:

She was a natural superwoman.

She represented every daughter that becomes a mother.

She represents the backbone of every man.

She will forever be the ride to the highest mountain top.

From the lowest valley to the highest mountain top she wore her crown well.
I hold my head high because you were a part of my life.  You are my Queen.

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