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Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Crew Joins Forces With Impact To Create Largest Hiring Network In Entertainment Industry

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Ava DuVernay, a prominent force in the filmmaking realm, has been making significant waves by giving voice to stories often overlooked and creating opportunities for emerging talents. Back in 2021, she introduced ARRAY Crew, a dynamic searchable database initially featuring just 500 names of film crew members. This resource rapidly expanded to encompass over 11,000 industry professionals, transforming into a pivotal hub for studios seeking skilled workers. 

Now, more than 900 films, TV shows, commercials, and video projects have successfully used this service to source dependable and verified crew members. Only two years after its inception, DuVernay has unveiled plans for its expansion.

ARRAY Crew was formed as a way to infuse diversity into the landscape of film and television production, acting as a bridge between underrepresented workers and influential figures in the entertainment sector seeking to hire. Upon its debut, major studios and streaming services rallied to fund this initiative. ARRAY Crew has continued to be a free service for crew members, evolving into a cornerstone of DuVernay’s nonprofit venture, ARRAY Alliance. 

DuVernay is now collaborating with Impact, an online professional network established by Oscar-winning filmmakers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, culminating in the formation of the largest hiring network within the entertainment industry.

“We encountered obstacles when venturing into new markets and devising technology suitable for a global scale,” said DVernay. “The challenge lay in the necessity to operate as a tech company to maintain a robust digital platform… What appealed to me about Impact was their aspiration to establish a fresh system that welcomes inclusivity. So, they proposed, ‘Why not join us in this endeavor?'”

Going forward, ARRAY Crew will find its home on Impact’s platform, catering to an impressive 40,000 active users who will gain access to an expanded network of 1.2 million professionals in the entertainment domain. ARRAY Crew members will be distinguished by distinctive badges, and the site will feature a dedicated filter for searching specifically for ARRAY Crew members. The application will remain free for crew, studios, and other industry executives for now; however, eventual plans entail charging studios for the service.

While the current climate in Hollywood is grappling with writers’ and actors’ strikes, which has virtually halted industry operations, this innovative merger is prepping for a future when work resumes., “When the industry gears up again, individuals will fervently seek a path back to normalcy. Our objective was to have everything primed and ready. We’re simply ensuring that we maintain that stance,” said DuVernay.

To join the ARRAY Crew, click here.

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