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“I’m BETTER not BITTER”: Anthony Tuggle’s Journey From Kidney Failure To Leader Of His Own Nation


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In his memoir I’m BETTER not BITTER, Anthony Tuggle takes us through his very personal journey with God—a journey that ultimately molded him into the Dynamic Husband, Loving Father, Friend, and Prolific Leader that we see before us today. 

After receiving the devastating news of kidney failure, and the subsequent trials and tribulations while waiting for a kidney transplant, Anthony’s trust in God, his positive attitude, and an intense focus on discipline allowed him to convert this bitter news into opportunities of hope. With all excuses removed, Anthony shows us that all that stands in our way is simply mind over matter as he conquered all obstacles that attempted to block him from becoming better, physically, mentally, and spiritually, proving that as long as we have faith and courage, nothing can stop us from becoming what God has intended for us to be. 

Anthony grants us access to his personal philosophy and keys to success through life’s test with his own language that is now followed by thousands across the globe called Tuggle-isms.  Through the overcoming of great obstacles, Anthony developed 25 key philosophies. Each term is rich in its own right, and I have decided to give my best interpretation of his philosophies with hopes to demonstrate their results in Anthony’s life.

The master key Anthony uses to apply all Tuggle-isms is discipline, as this is the foundation that a nation is built upon. With Persistence, Anthony was able to take on kidney failure full steam, both mentally and physically. Through the rigorous regiments of dialysis visits, to taking a massive amount of medicine, Anthony challenged himself to develop the habits needed that would bring clarity to his mind as he persistently focused on accomplishing his life goals, regardless of the obstacles presented.

Through keen emotional intelligence, Anthony made sure he took the time to express the feelings he was going through instead of internalizing them. This helped to cultivate a positive environment for the love and support of family and friends to flow in, giving the extra push to take on the task of becoming better.  By staying true to the key of discipline, Anthony developed the mental habit of knowing that it takes a village to conquer that which impedes our journey. As long as he believed, those he loved believed. What could be a greater asset than the love and support from our family members and friends?

Lastly, remember this truth: You are in control of your own destiny. Anthony shows us that no excuse is valid in the accomplishing of the goals that we have set for ourselves, and most importantly, the goals that God has set before us.

As a gift to Anthony for staying true to the plan that was laid before him, God blessed Anthony with a new kidney on May 5th 2009, thus making the day a National Holiday to the family, friends, and esteemed colleagues of Tuggle Nation! Upon receiving the results of his tests, the doctor stated to Anthony, “Mr Tuggle, you should be dead!” Yet, God does not base his miracles off the expectations that men set–and neither does Anthony Tuggle. Thank you for becoming Better, not Bitter!

Please visit to purchase “I’m BETTER not BITTER” and to learn more about Anthony. 

To date, Anthony has achieved the following accolades:  

Anthony is a Senior Executive at AT&T and holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Management. He is an Executive Education graduate of Chapel Hill. In addition, Anthony graduated from Emory University’s Executive MBA program in May of 2014. He is an active board member of the National Kidney Foundation among many other accomplishments.

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