Meet Halle Moore, The 9-Year-Old Author Who Just Published Her First Collection Of Poetry

The young poet dives into spirituality, education, politics, and more in her debut poetry book.

At only nine years old, Halle Moore discovered a passion for writing and has recently published her first book of poetry called “The Pages of Life.”  Following her dreams at a young age, the Maryland resident tackles subjects such as feminism, politics, education, and spirituality in her debut collection.

In an interview with Fox 5 D.C., Halle eagerly shared one of the multiple poems that fill the pages. Written with empathy and an understanding that surpasses the average nine-year-old, “The Book of Education” reads:


“What if you were the child who had no one to teach you

because teachers were not being paid fairly?

What would you do?


What if you were the teachers rotating 30 kids a day

and not being paid a fair wage?

What if you were the mother or father of the student

who had to quit their jobs and homeschool their children

because teachers aren’t being paid enough to make a difference?


What if you were part of the government that were being outvoted

because others don’t care about quality education?

What if you were part of the government

that knows just what to say, but does nothing at all?

It’s just like putting words on display.

Sometimes the ones who can make a difference

are the ones that don’t care about the people.”


Growing up in a military family, Halle has had the opportunity to live in various places around the world, including Hawaii, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. These cultural experiences have surely formed a lasting impact on the young poet, as traveling contributes to a deeper understanding of the world around us. “Us being a military family has helped her have a lot of observations and being around different groups of people,” her father said. “It’s inspired her, because she’s way beyond her years.”

When asked about her future goals, Halle confidently stated that she aspires to be a judge, an author, and a traveler. She has dreams of public speaking, activism, and working in law and public policy to help create a change in the world. It’s evident that she’s on the right track!

As for advice that she can offer her young peers who are aspiring authors, Halle says to write every day, or at the very least, every week.

This past Friday, Halle held her first book signing at Field Roads Elementary School. Support Halle’s exciting journey by visiting her website at

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