Self-Published Author LaShonda DeVaughn Is Breaking Barriers In The World Of Urban Fiction

LaShonda DeVaughn

When LaShonda DeVaughn first stepped into the literary world in 2007, she did not anticipate the raving success that seemed to emerge overnight, especially as a self-published author. Although self-publishing is a route that more writers are now exploring, it was uncommon to thrive without a publishing company a decade ago, and considerably even more rare in LaShonda’s genre of choice: urban fiction. Thus, the Boston-native defied the odds with flying colors and proceeded to create a lane for writers of urban fiction while also demonstrating that it is certainly achievable to flourish as a self-published author.

Widely known for her Award-winning series A Hood Chick’s Story, LaShonda has written 14 books and published 23 through her very own publishing company, LSDV Productions, all within the last decade. In her most recent work, Write That Book and Make That Money: Strategies For The Hungry Author, LaShonda shares her most valuable tips and tricks that will enable aspiring authors to manifest their dreams into reality.

In our author feature of the month, become even more acquainted with LaShonda DeVaughn by exploring the following list, featuring a detailed look into each of the esteemed author’s books.

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A Hood Chick’s Story, Part 1

LaShonda DeVaughn’s A Hood Chick’s Story, Pt 1

“Drama is no stranger to Tiara James. When it felt like the world had finally changed the hand that she’d been dealt, reality continued to creep up on her. With a mom on the verge of becoming an alcoholic and an alcoholic crack-addicted father who use to beat her mom in front of her, who could blame Tiara for finding a family on the streets. Tiara’s loyalty to her friends was undeniable. The crew consisted of, Tiara, Tamika, Shavon, Renee, Ke Ke and Karen. They jumped, robbed and fought other girls who stood in their way. When trouble surfaced, the crew had no problems with getting their hands dirty. Tiara was faithful to her crew handling any drama that presented itself. But when jealousy get’s the best of friends, things continued to get ugly.  With an older brother Tre James wrapped deeply into the streets becoming a drug dealer at 13, their younger brother Sharod had no choice but to admire both Tre and Tiara’s lifestyle. Tragedy continued to hit home and Tiara’s life continued to go down hill. She lost people who she loved and trusted the most to death, jail or betrayal. From welfare, section 8, jail, drugs, abusive relationships and lies, Tiara’s future seems uncertain. Will she finally rise above the drama that meets her at every corner, or remain trapped in the jaws of the hood? Brace yourself as Tiara James takes you on a rollercoaster ride in her footsteps, in her hood, telling her story.”

A Hood Chick’s Story, Part 2

LaShonda DeVaughn’s A Hood Chick’s Story, Part 2

“Drama still seems to be Tiara’s best friend. Five years has came and gone and Tiara tries desperately to bury her past baggage and focus on the future of raising her daughter. She tried patching up old wounds by blocking them out. Little did she know, it would all come back to haunt her. Her boyfriend Tony was sentenced to five years in prison but was released after serving only three years. Out for only two years, he tried helping Tiara and their child settle into a better life outside of the projects. But when his true colors surfaced Tiara finds herself stuck without a plan B. Cheating, lies, abuse and phony friends surround Tiara once again and she finds herself helpless. Will she finally find a way out of her constant cycle of dilemma’s or settle for the same ole’ street life? Continue to ride along on Tiara’s journey through adulthood; find out if the madness ever ends.”


A Hood Chick’s Story, Part 3

LaShonda DeVaughn’s A Hood Chick’s Story, Part 3

“Drama, betrayal and deceit always seemed to trail Tiara’s journey for a better life. Finally, she left the hood that kept her captive to everything she tried to avoid; the same streets that raised her. Where her blood, sweat and tears were shed. She’s convinced that her new life in a new city would bring forth the happiness she’s always yearned for…But no matter where you go, you can’t avoid the cold world. There’s a saying, ”You can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl.” Tiara proves that there are no boundaries when it comes to loyalty. Will Tiara finally get her happy ending, or will the streets prove victorious over her life? Ride along with Tiara in “A Hood Chick’s Story pt. 3,” the FINAL CHAPTER!

I’d Rather Be Single, Part 1

LaShonda DeVaughn’s I’d Rather Be Single, Pt 1

I’d Rather Be Single is a HOT anthology with four stories on women who have been through it ALL and pushed to the point where they just rather be single. Indulge in the pages of this steamy anthology to find out why…The Crew Bookclub. Tyra went from dating deadbeats to dating athletes. But living the good life came at a price. The Skeletons In My Closet by LaShonda DeVaughn

They say in order to receive true and real love, we must all take chances. Will Kenneth end up being the real deal? Or will Rita end up regretting her decision in courting a young thug? Taking Chances by Mimi Renee

Despite years of women playing games to take her husband away from her, Jai was determined to hold on. Her best friend questions why she puts up with his infidelity. Jai reasons: It’s just Something In His Backstroke. Something In His Backstroke by Tysha

The story of a female hustler – Fairytales should all have happy endings. Unfortunately, in Zoe’s world each ending comes with a tale of lies… Sleeping With The Enemy by Kaie Golson”

I’d Rather Be Single, Part 2

LaShonda DeVaughn’s I’d Rather Be Single, pt. 2

I’d Rather Be Single pt. 2 takes LaShonda DeVaughn’s story, The Skeletons in My Closet in part 1 to a whole new level! Tyra, Rosslyn & Michael are back for one of the most demented and engrossing love stories of all times. There are twists & turns that will have you re-reading the pages wondering why you didn’t see things coming. Would you take a chance at love if it means putting your own life on the line or would you rather be single?”




I’d Rather Be Single, Part 3

LaShonda DeVaughn’s I’d Rather Be Single, pt. 3

“Just when Tyra and Michael had settled into their serenity after all the drama, Breal reminds them that there is no such thing as payback without revenge. Never accepting the death of her cousin Rosslyn, Breal reemerged with a vengeance to get even. She even recruited a familiar character to help her with her dirty work. Tyra and Michael’s marriage is tested and wrenches are thrown at them from every angle. More lies, more secrets and more revelations are revealed and you wouldn’t believe who would rather be single in this MIND BLOWING finale! Buckle your seat belts and prepare for an unpredictable ride that only LaShonda DeVaughn can take you on! – I’d Rather Be Single 3…Breal’s Revenge”


When A Woman Is Fed Up, Part 1

LaShonda DeVaughn’s When A Woman Is Fed Up, Pt. 1

I wanted love, I deserved love, my body desired it and my skin craved it…Every woman wants to find love, right? But what happens when you fall in love with danger? Most women get even through a man’s wallet, I get even with his life! – Dangerously In Love by LaShonda DeVaughn

According to Jasmine James, living life in the “fab” lane has more downs than it has ups. She’s been lied to, cheated on, and disrespected in the worst of ways. It’s not until the unthinkable happens that Jasmine is finally fed up! After seeking revenge on those that have done her harm, she vows to shed no more tears. – No More Tears by India

A woman meets the man of her dreams, but he claims he’s unhappily married. Another woman knows her husband is cheating but chooses to play with their minds and set them both up for destruction. Two women, one man, equals a thunderous outcome!” – April Showers by Tracee Boyd-Pratt”

When A Woman Is Fed Up, Part 2

LaShonda DeVaughn’s When A Woman Is Fed Up, Pt. 2

“Natalie went from having the life that many women would admire, to finding herself in predicament you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! She had the fiancé, good job and stable life. That was until she met a man that proposed a situation that she had no choice but to accept. Little did she know, this situation could cost her, her life! – The Situation by LaShonda DeVaughn

The most important men in Tiana Baldwin’s life are her spoiled brother Isaiah and her no-good boyfriend Shawn. She takes care of them both financially but neither man appreciates her sacrifice. As a matter of fact they’ve both been keeping secrets that could prove to be deadly. When she finds out the truth, her world will be crumbled and all hell breaks loose! – Secret Lovers by India

It’s a good thing best friends ZaBria and Tangi are tight because they will need each other as they both discover people in their lives are not who they seem. ZaBria fights every day to overcome the mental abuse that has been reigned upon her for years while Tangi thinks she has finally found Mr. Right. But what happens when the man you love can’t stand your kids? These two will need each other like never before when lies are uncovered and lives are forever changed. – A Perfect Mess by Tracee Boyd”

Love’s A Bitch, Part 1

LaShonda DeVaughn’s Love’s A Bitch, Pt 1

“Latrice is beautiful and powerful in her own right. She and her best friend Kenya can’t seem to find good men, hence deeming their bad luck in relationships as “the curse”. Latrice’s problem in her marriage is that her husband feels as though he is the only one in the relationship who should hold the power. He’s not afraid to flex his power by raising his hand to his wife and dares her to strike back! When she gathers the courage to leave him for a life outside of the abuse, only time will tell if she survives his wrath or will she be able to break, The Curse! – Breaking The Curse by LaShonda DeVaughn

Neisha is an industrious publicist who has a promising career in the Public Relations industry. Her boyfriend Jerrod constantly ridicules and physically abuses her because he believes she cares more about her PR firm than their relationship. The lengths Neisha goes to prove her loyalty to her man would make your stomach turn, the hairs on your arms raise and your eyes water. Is she a ride or die chick or is the love that she has for this man killing her? – Love Is A Killer by Hannah Spivey

You can’t help who you love, but you can decide what you will and will not put up with. Best friends Braylin and Zy’lah try to be there for one another as they each go through their own relationship turmoils. From baby mama drama to back-to-back cheating, both girls are pushed to their limits. When a tragedy forces both couples to do more than just soul searching, will their relationships survive, or will they garner the strength to give up and start over? – Stuck In Love by Sequaia Reed”

Love’s A Bitch, Part 2

LaShonda DeVaughn’s Love’s A Bitch, Pt 2

“Braylin and Zy’lah had lived by the term, love conquers all. After years of lies, cheating, baby mama drama and even a suicide attempt, both ladies now see that it’s more important to find themselves before finding love. However, the hold that the men in their lives has on their hearts, no matter how violent or hurtful it is to stay, the ladies must figure out if they are strong enough to walk away or will that bitch called LOVE keep them stuck? –Stuck in Love 2 by Sequaia Reed

Meet Serenity, a beautiful woman who has always been loyal to all the wrong people. Her sassy personality is what attracted her husband Nelson but it was also what came between them. Working her marriage out was something that she took personal and she wasn’t giving up without contributing a hundred percent. Drama erupts and a marathon of events force Serenity’s hand. Especially when she realizes that some of the people in her life are not who they seem, even her own husband. She’s forced to realize that being beautiful may get you the man you want, but it doesn’t always keep him. Will she ever find love or is being beautiful nothing more than a lie? – A Beautiful Lie, by LaShonda DeVaughn

Not only did Neisha murder her abusive boyfriend Jerrod, but she also murdered her rapists, Jeremy and Donald Rothberg. Fleeing from the heat, she finds herself in the Bahamas where she meets an attractive man named Joey. When Joey convinces Neisha that he’s more than just a rich pretty boy, Neisha decides to give him a chance. Little did she know, he had secrets that hit closer to home than she thought. Will Neisha be able to finally move beyond her sordid past or will everything she has done come back to haunt her, ten fold? – Love is a Killer (Forbidden Disaster) by Hannah Spivey”

If All Men Cheat, All Women Should, Too!

LaShonda DeVaughn's If All Men Cheat, All Women Should, Too!
LaShonda DeVaughn’s If All Men Cheat, All Women Should, Too!

“Imagine you’re a beautiful woman, body like a brick house, career driven, could cook like a Southern chef, clean like a veteran maid and sex your man like a porn star. Now imagine being in a relationship with a man who is unapologetically mentally and verbally abusive, disrespectful, AND cheats on you! That’s just a brief description of Janae’s relationship with Tae.

Tae was absolutely cocky, he no longer cared about hiding his cheating; he figured, if Janae hadn’t left him the first time she found out he was cheating, then she probably wouldn’t leave him the next…

Most people would dismiss a girl like Janae as stupid and naïve; someone who needed to wake up and realize that there were other men in this world and move on. But when a man has a mental hold on you, for some women, it’s not that easy.

Tae robbed Janae of her self-esteem. His constant put-downs and unfiltered disrespect became the norm for her. He frowned at her tears and did as he pleased. His actions forced Janae to compare herself to the women he cheated with and wonder why she wasn’t good enough. Eventually, trying to please Tae became her only purpose.

Being a faithful girlfriend was something Janae took pride in. Somehow, she allowed Tae to define her; she felt like she wasn’t whole without him. Finally, a series of events helped Janae discover her worth…

Still withering in the wings of her broken relationship, will Janae stay with Tae and believe that he can and will change? Or will she rebel and act upon the old adage, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?”

She Got Love For A Bean Town Thug

LaShonda DeVaughn's She Got Love For A Bean Town Thug
LaShonda DeVaughn’s She Got Love For A Bean Town Thug

“Everybody wants to find true love, right? But what if you’ve never experienced being loved by ANYONE, how would you ever know if it’s real?

Anthony and Lea are brother and sister who were dealt the worst hand when it came to their home life. Being abandoned by their mom as children and raised by their alcoholic father, forced them to seek love from the streets. Lea sought love from the worst type of men in their neighborhood and love found Anthony when he met Nicky. Never feeling loved by his mom, Anthony embraced loyalty over all else, especially when he had to fulfill a family member’s dying wish. Love was exempt from his plans.

His crew started from the bottom of the barrel in the Boston streets and when he came up with a plan for them to reach the top, everyone’s loyalty was tested, even Nicky’s. Will Anthony make it out of Boston with Nicky by his side or will he reject her love and choose his loyalty to his sister and the empire he created? Brace yourself, this isn’t your typical love story, see love through the eyes of someone who has never felt the beautiful emotion of love before. Your heart will melt as you feel compassion and relate to everyone’s backstory. Anthony will quickly become your favorite thug, but some of these characters in question, will soon find out, that the thug life AIN’T for everybody!”

Write That Book And Make That Money!

LaShonda DeVaughn's Write That Book And Make That Money!
LaShonda DeVaughn’s Write That Book And Make That Money!

“Have you always wanted to write a book, but had no idea where to start? Or, do you have a brilliant idea for a book in your head but it never makes it onto paper? Whatever your writing dilemma is, I was once in your shoes! With over ten years of experience and over twenty Best Selling Titles published, I made most of the rookie mistakes in my earlier publishing days so that you don’t have to! Over the years I’ve acquired the tools to continue to achieve Best Selling success in an overly competitive industry that continues to evolve. I’m going to share some of my unique publishing secrets, tips, tricks and techniques to turn you into a literary powerhouse. If you are ready to get started, crack open the pages and let me help you Write That Book And Make That Money!”


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