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Upcoming ‘Free at Last’ Documentary Will Deep Dive Into The Untold History Of South Africa’s Apartheid

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“Free at Last” is an upcoming documentary series that will recount Apartheid’s history, Variety reports. Co-produced by Germany’s Beetz Brothers and South Africa’s Storyscope, the project will deep dive into South Africa’s decades-long oppressive regime. It will also feature exclusive accounts from victims and perpetrators, unseen footage, and undisclosed documents. 

In honor of Nelson Mandela’s inauguration’s 30th anniversary, the three-part series explores key moments of the Apartheid era: from its inception and segregation laws to violent tactics, the African National Congress (ANC)’s emergence, Mandela’s fight for freedom, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), and ongoing truth-seeking efforts by victims’ families.

The documentary series will also be available as a feature-length film. Executive producers Reinhardt Beetz (Beetz Brothers) and Neil Brandt (Storyscope) lead the production.

“The backbone of the series is the unfolding of the infamous COSAS 4 case in which four youths who wanted to join the armed struggle got caught in a trap,” Brandt said in an exclusive interview with Variety. “The trial, currently in court, is the first where a case against humanity and murder perpetrated during Apartheid, will be heard in a South African court.”

Tshilidzi Davhana, SABC’s head of factual, sees “Free At Last” as crucial in promoting dialogue and hope, especially amid the 30th anniversary of democracy. The documentary aims not only to narrate history but also to inspire progress and reflection on the journey towards democracy.

The project is directed by Misha Wessel, Thomas Blom (recognized for “The Hunt for Gaddafi’s Billions”), and Xoliswa Sithole (“The Fall”).

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