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WATCH: Trailer Released For ‘Little Richard: I Am Everything’ Documentary About Black Pioneer Of Rock N’ Roll


The documentary “Little Richard: I Am Everything” from Magnolia Pictures encourages audiences to pay tribute to one of the pioneers of rock n’ roll music. Under the skillful direction of Lisa Cortés, the film takes an in-depth look at the life of Little Richard, whose explosive musical style and spellbinding performances revolutionized the genre.

Featuring compelling interviews with notable figures such as Mick Jagger, Billy Porter, John Waters, and Tom Jones, the documentary offers valuable insights into Little Richard’s remarkable influence on their own artistic journeys and his enduring legacy in the world of music.

The documentary showcases the Black roots of rock ‘n’ roll, challenging the whitewashed narrative of American pop music and shining a spotlight on the true innovator and originator, Richard Penniman. Using an array of archival footage and captivating performances that take us deep into Richard’s complex inner world, the film unfolds his life story with all its twists and turns. Through poignant interviews with family members, fellow musicians, and trailblazing Black and queer scholars, the documentary illuminates how Richard created a powerful art form for ultimate self-expression, but tragically was unable to fully embrace it himself.

“Little Richard: I Am Everything” will have a one-night-only screening in theaters on April 11th, distributed by Magnolia Pictures. Following this, it will have additional theatrical releases and a digital release on VOD beginning April 21st.

Watch the trailer and view the dazzling poster art below:

little richard documentary trail

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