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Chance the Rapper Organizes Chicago Film Festival To Celebrate Black History Month

Coordinated through Chance’s non-profit SocialWorks, the festival will help Chicago’s youth gain access to important and classic black films.

Philanthropist and artist Chance the Rapper has announced a month-long film festival dedicated to honoring black excellence in film. Organized through Chance’s non-profit SocialWorks, the Chicago-based festival will serve to educate Chicago’s youth on classic black films.

For only $7 per film, attendants will gain access to classics such as The Wiz, Shot in the Dark, Malcolm X, and Ali. Additionally, the festival will include a special screening of Black Panther once it hits theaters on the 16th. There will be a pre-show celebration for Black Panther, which will feature a live DJ, photo booth, and giveaways.

Tickets are available online or at the door, taking place at Chicago’s Studio Movie Grill.

Chance and SocialWorks have organized a wide range of events to help celebrate the diversity of Chicago’s communities. From toy drives to OpenMike Night, Chance continues to make an impact in Chicago while inspiring others to do the same. To donate to SocialWorks or for more information, please visit their website.




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