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Illustrator Ashleigh Sharmaine Puts A Nostalgic Twist On Iconic Movies And TV Shows

From Martin to Rugrats, artist Ashleigh Sharmaine is reimagining well-known TV shows and movies with influence from the ‘90s era.


In a recent interview with BET, Sharmaine described the three key ingredients that her art is comprised of: nostalgia, crossovers, and concept mash-ups. With her character crossover illustrations, the artist strives to switch the actors with a cartoon character that “best suits their personality, characteristics, or appearance.” When designing her mockups, the process can take less than an hour for a more simplistic creation, while taking a few hours or even days for her most detailed designs.


So, what inspired Ashleigh to become an artist? “I’ve always been into arts and crafts ever since I can remember. Cartoons are what I first started drawing as a child, so I just stuck to them and it’s been working ever since,” Sharmaine told BET. In the future, she hopes to push her art into new avenues and create a larger platform for her brand. With such a positive response to her artwork and with multiple celebrity supporters, Ashleigh is well on her way to turning her childhood dream into a reality.

To connect with Ashleigh and learn more about her work, visit
Instagram: @ashleighsharmaine

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