Fiyah Meditation

Strawberry Full Moon

Activation for BODY/MIND/SPIRIT Wellness- Ignite your FIYAH

Before you start, you need to take care of a few practicalities. When are you going to do it each day? Where can you sit undisturbed? How will you even remember to do it? The first step is committing to a regular, daily practice. Taking 10 minutes out each day shouldn’t be difficult, but it’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s going on. Try to make it a regular part of your schedule. Create a space to sit at the same time each day. Mornings seem to work best for most people, but find a time that works for you. Where you do it doesn’t matter, just as long as you’re unlikely to be interrupted. And lastly, wear whatever you like, although you might want to loosen ties or belts, or slip off high heels.Illustration: Cristina Guitian

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