The DeVoe’s Discuss The Joy Of Being New Parents, Upcoming Music, And More On JARO’s Podcast


In Episode 205 of JARO’s podcast, Tomeka M. Winborne had the honor of speaking with Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe to learn about the joy of being new parents to twin boys, how they became marriage ambassadors, and upcoming music from the power couple. 

Just two years ago, the DeVoe’s became first-time parents to twin boys Ronnie III and Roman. “They’re amazing. We feel like we’re raising young geniuses,” said Ronnie. He doesn’t regret having children later in life, and believes that the twins were born in perfect divine timing. And now that they’re more settled in life, the DeVoe’s are ensuring that they do everything in their power to provide their children with the best opportunities. 

While family comes first at this stage in the DeVoe’s lives, music continues to hold a special place in their hearts. Ronnie DeVoe recently formed the music group RBRM alongside former members Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, and Mike Bivins, which DeVoe considers to be “another branch from the tree of New Edition.” The R&B group held 30 shows last year, and began their “4 The Love of It” tour in May. 

Shamari and Ronnie have also been creating music together by the name of Me & Mari. In their most recent song, “Love Comes Through,” the two strengthen their marriage of 18 years through their shared love of music. And as marriage ambassadors, the DeVoe’s take pride in being so open about their relationship. “We have been through a lot of challenges in our relationship and we were able to overcome our obstacles. Today, we’re very transparent about the challenges that we’ve went through to hopefully help other couples to stay committed as well,” said Shamari. As ambassadors, the couple holds annual Marriage 4 Life walks. This year marked the third Marriage 4 Life walk, which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Through it, couples are encouraged to hold hands during the two mile walk and reaffirm their love for one another. The next walk will take place in Chicago, IL from August 16-17, 2019. For more information about how you and your spouse can get involved, please visit the Marriage 4 Life official website

In the conversation, Ronnie offered valuable advice to anyone in a relationship rut. “Even something as simple as holding each other’s hands, taking a walk in the neighborhood can strengthen our bond,” he said. And of course, active listening is the key to any successful relationship. “Actually listen to what your partner is saying to you.” 

As the music industry has changed dramatically since the formation of New Edition, Ronnie reflected on what allows the members of the R&B band to stay relevant 30 years later. “It was about being entertainers. People are reminiscing on a time where music was fun. That’s the reason why we are able to be here so long in an industry that will chew you up and spit you out because people know that they’re going to get their money’s worth.” 

Ronnie encourages aspiring artists to practice, practice, practice. “Ultimately, you’ve got to believe in yourself and speak things into existence. It may not happen in your time, but if you believe hard enough, it’s going to happen at some point,” he said. 

“You can put your album out yourself nowadays because it’s a whole new market in this digital age.  Stay true to who you are as an artist and continue to perfect your craft, and don’t give up,” said Shamari.

To stay in the know with the DeVoe’s and all of their future endeavors, follow them on Instagram at @bigrondevoe, @shamaridevoe, and @devoetwins. 

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