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The Power of Visual Art to Challenge Social Norms

As a premier on-demand platform curating independent films, emerging web series, short films, and visual art for African American and urban-influenced audiences, JARO is at the forefront of challenging social norms with the power of visual art. Below we’re sharing some of the huge ways visual art can be used to challenge traditional norms.


Breaking Barriers

Visual art has a unique ability to transcend language and cultural barriers and communicate powerful messages that can be interpreted differently by different audiences. Visual art can be used to challenge social norms by conveying ideas that are not typically accepted by a larger society.

social justice

Raising Awareness

One of the most powerful things about visual art is that it can be used to raise awareness of social issues, such as gender inequality, racial injustice, and poverty. By creating powerful visuals that evoke emotion, visual art can help to create a better understanding of these issues and encourage viewers to take action.

black film maker

Fostering Change

Visual art can also be used to inspire change by offering alternative perspectives on social issues. By presenting different points of view, visual art can help to spark conversations, challenge existing beliefs, and encourage people to think outside of the box — which leads to lasting change.

black artist in wheelchair

Transforming Perception

Finally, visual art can be used to transform perception. Through artwork that challenges existing stereotypes, visual art can help to create a more inclusive and diverse society. When people are exposed to different perspectives through visual art, it can help to expand the boundaries of what is socially acceptable — and what is accepted.

At JARO, we believe in the power of visual art to challenge social norms and create positive change. We are proud to be part of a movement that is using art to break barriers, raise awareness, and inspire change.

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