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WATCH: Trailer And Release Date Announced For Sosa Cruz Documentary ‘It Was Written’


Sosa Cruz, the 7 year old basketball prodigy whose skillset has been praised by the likes of Stephen Curry and Te’a Cooper, is set to be the subject of her own documentary, titled ‘It Was Written’. 

 Directed by her father Roberto “Big Sosa” Cruz Jr. and executive produced by Alonge Hawes, ‘It Was Written’ will chronicle young Sosa’s rise through the amateur basketball circuit. The official synopsis for the film is below: 

Sosa Cruz was only 4 years old when her father Roberto told her she was destined to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Roberto, himself a two sport High School star in both Martial Arts and Football, knew that his daughter had the determination, raw talent, and most importantly the focus to make his prediction a reality. Under Roberto’s tutelage and her family’s support, Sosa trained day and night, and through sheer dedication became the first female member of the Decatur Blazers, an AAU youth club for which she was named league MVP during her first season. After several viral videos of her prodigious dribbling skills were broadcast on ESPN’s website, Sosa was invited to appear on The Steve Harvey Show, where she was showered with acclaim from NBA superstar Stephen Curry. As the trophies and accolades began to mount, her father’s prophecy seemed to be all but assured; but personal tragedy and professional setbacks threatened to rob Sosa of the legacy she’d tirelessly built. In this journey of sweat, tears, triumph, and tragedy; one young girl will prove to the world that adversity is no barrier to destiny. For It Was Written… 

A new poster and trailer for the film has also been unveiled, which can be viewed below. 


‘It Was Written’ will premiere May 10th on YouTube. It is produced by Sarah Cruz, Joshua Dennard, and Asante Watkins. 

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